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Meet Cate Evans


Somatic Experiencing



Anxiety & Mood Disruptions

Postpartum & Motherhood

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(302) 362-7212


You may be seeking more ease, emotional balance, strength, or help moving through the conscious and unconscious layers of your experience.  When working with you my goal is to help you to identify your intentions for the work we’ll do and support you in the journey of moving towards those intentions. My hope is to empower you to discover and feel more like yourself.


Our history and experiences can have a profound impact on how we experience life. Things we may not realize affected us have a lasting impact on what we hold in our body, how we cope and how we relate to others.


With this understanding, there is always the option to move towards healing and more wholeness. Having our mind understand is one piece, but when our body can FEEL the change then we can truly experience freedom, openness, vitality and ease. This is why I have moved away from traditional talk therapy and now work from more of a body-mind approach to healing.


I am a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP) and a certified EMDR therapist through EMDRIA. My educational background includes a Master’s of Counseling from Arizona State University and a Bachelor’s of Science from James Madison University in Virginia. 


In addition to these therapies that required formal training, I love helping clients use or find their own spiritual resources for healing including the natural and supernatural; proven and unproven; and higher powers of all sources.


I’ve followed my heart into this field and truly love what I do. Since 2007 I have worked in a variety of counseling settings and since 2014 have worked in private practice. 


Clients say that I am “respectful”, “supportive”, “authentic”. You’ll see my face light up when you make a positive change and you will hear me give direct feedback when it’s appropriate. I genuinely care about my clients’ well-being and make every effort to provide the best therapy. 


When I’m not at work you’ll find me working even harder at being “mom” to my three young children - a daughter and twin boys. My other free time is spent exploring my own lifelong journey of wellness and spiritual growth, connecting with my husband, and enjoying creative endeavors and rest.

Payment & Coverage:

I am in network with Highmark BCBS or accept self-pay $125/session.

Clients are saying:

“I've been through many years of traditional talk therapy and unfortunately it was not that helpful.  Since working with you, I can say that I am so much further along in my healing journey and in a relatively short amount of time comparatively speaking. I am so very grateful!”


“You're the therapist I always needed.”


“She radiates empathy and warmth; and genuinely cares about who I am as a person and is devoted to helping improve my mental health. Her open nature helps me to feel safe enough to be my true self and comfortable enough to try new things."

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