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My true passion is health and wellness through body, mind, and soul.  For over 20 years I've enjoyed helping individuals seeking inner peace, confidence, health, and wellness identify and implement the tools and techniques to unlock the life they most desire. 



Everything is energy,  the world, our bodies even our thoughts.  It's amazing to see incredible results by changing the way we see things. We attract great experiences, build strong healthy relationships, find more joy, health, and happiness with a renewed passion for life by shifting the focus on desires rather than on what we don't want.



As a holistic energy worker, life coach, business consultant and speaker some of the core foundations I've incorporated in each session are a combination of life & success strategies, essential oils, crystals, meditation, Reiki, spiritual guidance, and Energy medicine bringing balance to the body, mind, and soul.



Human behaviors and performance are what intriguings me to seek the answers and solutions to those who thrive and those who barely survive or are just getting by in life.



The missing element I've noticed is those who thrive in life seem to have a consistent attitude of gratitude, believe in themselves, and desire to become better every day. 



I've studied, researched and applied holistic health-conscious lifestyle principles, been mentored by wellness experts all to discover how to turn VICTIM into VICTORY in every aspect of the life of my clients but also my own life!



The constant negative self-talk, complaints of unhealthy relationships, the self-defeating endless debt was enough for me to dig deep within to create the change I was looking for. If something was going to change it was up to me to take full responsibility and create the change for my happiness. 



What helps to bounce back and stay on track is this quote my mentored shared,  "When you fall, fail or just flop down from exhaustion know it's ok.  Get up, brush yourself off and MOVE on because your life matters and someone is waiting for YOU to show up!" 



What also helps to keep me focused are the beautiful faces cheering me on at home. My husband Michael of 18 years continues to hold my belief when doubts creep in.Together we have gone through our struggles from infertility to adopting our oldest son from Russia. Just when we thought our family was complete we were blessed with a SUPER Surprise of getting pregnant (something I was told would never happen) with our second son.


Miracles really do happen every day, it's our job to seek and enjoy them!



What you do with your life matters to me because I believe that you have the ability to make a huge impact on the world we live in.



Ask yourself, how do I want my life to look in the next year, 3 years or 5 years and what am I going to do to make it happen? 



For most of us to be successful in achieving our goals and desires, we need to put in consistent effort and be held accountable.  



Through online programs, workshops, videos and private energy healing and coaching session you'll discover practical ways to master your mind, love deeper, and connect with your soul purpose. 



If you're ready to get into action and become the change that you desire most in your personal life or business then contact me to Schedule a FREE Success Session to identify what steps to take to get you on the path to living a life you love. 




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