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Meet Jen Hackler

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Somatic Experiencing

Addiction recovery

Grief & Loss - traumatic death

Depression & Anxiety

LGBT & sexuality issues

Relationship & Intimacy struggles

Early Developmental Trauma

Individual & Couples Therapy

Contact Jen 

(301) 587.1333


I am a Psychotherapist and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner in private practice in Silver Spring, Maryland (since 2002) and recently joined Union of Body, Mind & Soul in Milton.  I love my role as an interactive, authentic, empathic healer who seeks to accompany people as they develop greater self-awareness through understanding and experiencing the mind-body connection, one's patterns of attachment, and the physiological response to trauma, stress, and overwhelm.

I spent 19 years working as a grief therapist at the DC Medical Examiner's Office accompanying families through the body identification process (through the Wendt Center for Loss and Healing).   As a result, I have a deep appreciation for just how precious and short life is.

In addition to my private psychotherapy practice I have been very involved with the Somatic Experiencing Institute since 2005, having been part of many SE training teams:  North Carolina, South Carolina and Texas as well as Richmond, Chicago, Sand Diego, Nashville, Little Rock, Seattle, Silver Spring, San Francisco, Sydney, Australia, and British Columbia.

My passion for Somatic Experiencing led me into intense healing work and training with my amazing mentors Kathy Kain and Steve Terrrel, experts in Early Developmental Trauma.  Over the years I have experienced profound healing with guidance, love and support of Steve, Kathy and others (Ray Castellino) who have accompanied and guided me into and through the deeper, non-verbal waters into sacred and profoundly life-altering experiences.  I have developed a deep respect for and trust in the nonverbal signals our bodies use to communicate with us...sometimes in screaming in physical symptoms, sometimes in quiet whispers felt in the resonance we all have access to.

Life is complicated, stressful and painful at times.  But when lived, really lived from that more soulful place within each of us, and in the good company of our safe tribe, it's quite an amazing experience.  That's my hope.  To help clients know that place within themselves and others...and live from that deeper, wiser place as often as possible.  Our fast paced, stress inducing world makes doing so a bit of a challenge but with a little more compassion, connection and kindness and greater understanding of the mind=body connection, it can be a very interesting, awakening experience.  Life is short, it is a challenge but it really does.

We can survive but we long to thrive.

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