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Choosing the Perfect Crystal

Updated: Feb 19

Have you ever wondered, "What is the best way to choose the perfect crystal to work with"? The beautiful thing is that you get to have your own personal experience with energy when working with crystals and stones. Your needs and desires for working with crystals and stones may be different from day to day and you as an energetic being can have different frequencies, needs, and desires each day. So here are a few steps to help you select the right stone for your specific desires, feelings, and emotions.


Set your intention for what you would like the stone or crystal to support you with. What does your heart desire today? You may be looking for more love and compassion, energy and focus, grounded and clear, or help with physical ailments and healing. Or maybe you don't know what you need, just let the stones support you to what feels best.


For starters, you will want to open your palm chakras by rubbing your hands vigorously together to awaken the energy centers in your palms. This will create an energy field. Explore the field by imagining a ball of energy in between your hands. You may become aware of sensations in your hands, a tingling, warmth or a feeling of dense energy may arise.


Tune in to the frequency of your stone by placing your hands over or cupping the stone. Notice what sensations you begin to feel in your hands, body or even in your emotional being.


What do you sense from your crystal? Take a few moments to really connect and tune in to what you are sensing. Scan your body to notice any physical sensations you may feel as you hold this stone.

What are you experiencing, do you feel heat or cold, tingles or throbbing? Do you feel clarity, spacey or lightheaded? Do you have a sense of grounded peacefulness? Continue to check in with your physical body as take your time noticing the feelings that arise as you hold the stone.


Continue to hold and connect with the stone, sense into your emotional being. How are you feeling emotionally? What emotions are coming up for you? Joy, courage, gratitude, peace, calm, sad, anxious, mad? Just tune in, take notice of how you are feeling as you hold the stone.


While you are still connecting and holding the stone check into your mental awareness. How do you feel mentally? Have you experienced mental pictures or images in your mind? Do you feel anxieties, scattered or a clear, peaceful calm taking over your body?

The beauty in going through these steps is to allow you to take time to pause, evaluate your physical, emotional and mental being allowing you to form a personal connection to your stone or crystal for what is going on in your life right now.

With this information and your personal experience, you can see and get a sense of what and how the perfect stone can help you sleep, reduce stress, feel courageous, take actions, reduce cravings, feel optimistic and excited for your souls' purpose.

You have the wisdom keeper within to select what stone or crystal is best for you. Pause, take a deep breath and sense into exactly what you need to support your body, mind, and soul right now.


Complete your connection by bringing the stone to your heart chakra. Mentally or verbally send thoughts of love and gratitude to the stone for its healing essence for you today. Then, send love, grace, and gratitude to your body, mind, and soul for taking a moment to receive the gifts from the stone. Finish with Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Sending Love & Light,

Elizabeth A. Sanchez

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