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Harness Your Intuition

Updated: Feb 19

So how do you harness your amazing gift of intuition? We all have the gift within us we just need to tune into it. Intuition comes in many forms and communicates in a variety of ways.

Each of us can tune into our own intuition differently. My suggestion to harness the power is to do what feels most comfortable for you.

Some of the ways intuition appears are:

Tuning into the Inner Voice: This communication is a compassionate, calm & quiet inner voice. This inner voice comes with a lovely tone, different from your normal voice.

Evaluate your Dreams. A wealth of information and guidance can come from the insight of our dreams. These messages come when your mind is at it's most peaceful quiet state.

Tune into your feelings and emotions. You may feel "right" about a certain situation or action or distrust about a person or situation. Allow yourself to feel what this feels like and take action accordingly.

Physical Sensations. Feelings of heaviness if you feel a wrong decision or the feeling of "chills" up your neck, head, and spine when you know its the right thing.

Instant Knowing. It feels like a flash or feeling no doubt in your mind that this is right.

Symbols. Intuition can come in the form of a symbol or a picture that can give you more details of what direction to proceed.

Coincidence. Everything is in divine order. You experience synchronicities often that you know are leading you on to the right path.

The miracles of every day are available for you to partner with moving you forward on a path showing you the way to achieve your heart's desire through love and compassion. Intuition resides within you and is available at all times.

It is up to you to tune in and take action.

Try the following exercises to increase your ability to receive your inner guidance.

Ask for Answers:

Ask the universe a question, then patiently wait and watch for the answer. Be prepared to wait from seconds to days, and to have the answer come from within or without.

Dream Journaling

Dream journaling is a great way to open up your third eye. Keep a journal next to your bed to take notes. You want to capture as many details as possible. It might not make sense at first, come back to what you wrote to see if you can connect to the message and what it might mean to you.


Allow yourself to take some time to connect to the cosmos. Stargazing opens your mind to the wonder and miraculous solar system. Allowing us to open our minds to understand that there is so much to learn in this beautiful lifetime.

I believe that everything that happens is coming with a message, a lesson or a test. It's up to us to decide what value it brings.

As you stare at the stars, quiet your mind, listen to your breath and just be. What enters your mind may just be the answers that you've been seeking.

The essence of harnessing the power of your intuition by opening your third eye chakra is to eliminate the stories and fears that no longer serve you. Balancing the third eye will give you the ability and freedom to live a fully vibrant and abundant life.

Third eye chakra healing allows you to connect with your intuition to not only know what choices to make but also take action on them to move toward the life you desire.

The process of harnessing your intuition does not need to be difficult or overly challenging. There is no magic wand or mystery about it. All it really takes is taking the time to pay attention, appreciate and set the intention that becoming intuitive is a part of your everyday being.

The rewards of connecting with your intuition are amazing and will bring a lifetime of peace and happiness when you ask for it.

Enjoy your personal journey and please feel free to connect with me if you would like guidance on becoming more in tune with your higher self.

Sending Peace & Love,

~ Elizabeth

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