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Intro to this Section

How this section came into fruition…

It started during the Age of CoVid… On March 23, 2020, I was in session with a craniosacral therapist/mentor, Ellen, that I have been working with remotely to support my process in working with trauma on all levels. At the end of the session, I said “There’s a readiness that's felt.” From these, words a co-creation EVOLved… as my mentor listened… deeply… a haiku came into her awareness from our shared experience: 

Universal shift

There’s a readiness that’s felt

How will you show up?

Ever since that session, haikus continue to flow through. I have been posting one a day on my personal Facebook page with the intention of inSPIRing creativity. They have been one of my biggest layers of support during this Great Global Shift. Prior to this time, I have only written one haiku:

Sitting in stillness “Listen to the Inner Waves” Said gentle whisper 4/1/19

Another big influence that I would like to honor and acknowledge is one of my many teachers Elise Kost. In March 2020, I was attending a month long training that ended early as a result of the Coronavirus. Elise was the facilitator of the training and every morning we would start with a meditation that ended with her reading a poem. Some of the poems I've heard before and some I haven't. But one particularly one struck a chord deeply; I noticed that she did not say the author afterwards (which is usually did). I approached her later that day and asked if she could share who the author of the poem was. She looked at me humbly, and shared that she wrote it and just had a collection of her own poetry published -- "Temple of Changes: Between Earth and Mystery". (I strongly recommend it!)

As I read her poetry, I can feel her vulnerability and courage to "turn in, tune in, and... listen". It inSPIRes me to do the same... connect with the wisdom withIN... gently "lean intuit"... live and serve from this place by sharing the MedicINe offered.

And to my biggest inSPIRation... my loving partner and bestest friend Mike Hall whose music moves my soul... From the moment I first heard him play, I could feel his heART touch mine... reminding me of Who I AM... Thank you, Love.

I feel that all the haikus/poems here are a “co-creation”. For it is not created by “me” but “WE”… a merging of all my/our teachers that show up in many ways past, present, future from all realms and dimensions… an integrated Life Force… that I am not separate from, yet I simply serve as a vessel… show up and “get out of the way”.

To the Courageous Beings that opened me up to the gift of haiku/poetry/Creativity... heARTwork: Thank you thank you thank you… for trusting and sharing your gifts. May this blog section be an opportunity to express my deep gratitude and love for you and ALL that is.

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