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The Wisdom of the Body

The Wisdom of the Body” – haven’t most of us heard this statement?

This is a myth according to the year long Bodynamics training I’m attending in NYC.  More specifically the body can’t do what it hasn’t learned.  For example, starting a lot of things and not finishing them.  When we are children we embody our impulses and follow them.  We are in love with the world.  However, if we are pushed as children to be independent before we are ready, for example,  “you can do it, you’re a big girl/boy now.” 

- Side note…most of us have had this happen to us and most of us push our children as parents.  I certainly have.  - As a result of this push toward independence before we are ready, we then as adults may have lots of impulses and change directions a lot. 

This may be an adult who changes careers a lot and it may look like ADHD but in actuality may be a developmental disruption, which can be transformed through Bodynamics.  

Bodynamics heals these disruptions through using the appropriate muscles related to the psychological structure and relational messages that go with that structure.  In the above example, a client would need to actually sense what it might be like to land into something. 

There are many important muscles which would help with this including the psoas major, trapezius, and quadratus lumborum (QL).  So as one works with the psychological content or story the muscles which relate to the function and content developmentally would either be supported, moved, and/or flexed. 

Thus allowing the body and psyche to have a new experience and learn something it didn’t when younger.  This new memory is then stored not only in our psyche but also in our body. 

We actually give back to the body and memory what was missing.

Contact Susan if you are ready to learn more about how Bodydynamics can assist you on your healing journey.

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