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Meet Raylen Williams

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 John F. Barnes' Myofascial Release®

Shamanic Energy Medicine

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

Life Mentoring

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(302) 470.1532


What clients are saying…

"I found Raylen months ago when I was looking for someone that could do Myofascial Release – especially having the ability to emphasize the emotional/spiritual component. At that time, I was physically, mentally, and spiritually tapped out. My doctors told me I would be in pain the rest of my life. Raylen created space for all forms of healing. My spirit “woke up” and I slowly returned to a meditation practice that maintains a deep peace and stability no matter what is going on in my life. My mind and soul are beginning to heal, and the pain levels are continuing to decrease. There is room to love me - all of me. I highly recommend Raylen’s practice." 

“Raylen is a gifted practitioner. She has a great capacity for openness and for creating a space of acceptance without judgment. Our work together has been utterly transformational. I find myself grateful and humbled and finding a new life for myself. Increasingly, I can just be and can see myself with the same acceptance she shows me. I so look forward to my future interactions with this delightful and wonderful person.”


“Raylen has been a gentle guide in my journey inward. Her loving presence is deeply felt. My sessions with her are little miracles. I am left with awe and gratitude.”

“Raylen’s work is a rose opening in a parched desert. I look forward to nourishing myself again with her message of healing, which parts the heavy pain into silken strands that lead us to the truth, that bind us all – love.” 


“Through Raylen’s practice, I’ve opened an unexpected door into intra-personal exploration that brings clarity, purpose, and intention into my daily life. Her perspective and methodology create a comfortable experience that nurtures self-growth, happiness, and compassion.” 

“Healing is a sacred journey. If you want someone who respects that and can hold space for big change to occur then you will LOVE working with Raylen. I was able to experience first hand how powerful her medicine is. I am in gratitude for her love, connection to spirit, and to my highest calling. She is a very powerful healer for our times.” 

“A massage by Raylen is more than treatment for aching muscles…more than a “feel good” experience. It is total body awareness and sense of peace that last for days.”


“Life can be full of chaos and confusion, so finding a place of peace and calm is invaluable. Raylen has provided me with that peace and continues to nurture my soul with exactly what it needs to heal. Her work has truly altered my core self and has led me on a new path of life and understanding. She is one of the most extraordinary people I know and her impact resonates with me daily. Thank you, Raylen, for filling my heart with love and gratitude. Please continue to share your gifts with all of humanity so that we may reflect the nature of our true selves, as beings filled with both light and love.” 

“I have seen a huge shift in myself from incorporating Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy. During the session you begin by checking in with the body and mind and set an intention. Then she guides you through guided meditation and at the end you reflect on the practice. The guided meditation allows you to get deep in your body to get more information. 


This work is not easy, but over time it prepares you to change and notice your feelings and your body’s response. You revisit what was meaningful, and it allows you to notice those items during the week. Incorporating the body for me was an amazing experience because it allowed me to feel. This Therapy helped me to get to know myself more, helped me with my daily practice, and helped me take the practice to real life situations. 


There is something about Raylen that is super comforting. She always greets you with a smile and hug. She listens, holds space for you daily, and is always available if needed. She is passionate and always learning new things to help you get to the root causes. Raylen has a special gift and I am thankful for her love and support in our community.”

“Before the pandemic began I had been working with Raylen in her very special space at Union of Body and Soul. Each session was different and beneficial to me on different levels.

During the guided meditation and deep breathing we began with each time, I was able to slow down, get centered, and return to myself. It was from that space I received the gifts Raylen offered through her bodywork, which were so helpful on my healing journey.

I was disappointed when a scheduled appointment with Raylen was cancelled because of the social distancing being implemented. When she offered to work through FaceTime or Zoom with me, I was happy to try it out.

I found I was able to relax and return to myself like I would when we were in the same room. As we began the session,  Raylen’s presence and healing energy traveled over the miles and continued throughout the session, resulting in sensations in my body similar to when I had been lying on her table. I would recommend working with Raylen remotely, especially during this time of unique opportunity we have been given to take a pause and “reboot” ourselves and our world. I am looking forward to my next session - I feel like this is a time of rebirth for me and others, and I appreciate the support and guidance Raylen has to share."  

"As always, today's session was an incredible shamanic healing experience. With a combination of your healing energy; and skills as a counsel, therapist, and educator all in one. Reflecting on my healing session with Raylen, it was so empowering, uplifting, and calming. I have more tools to release what no longer serves me and aim for the future.


Raylen gently asks questions (she always asks if you are comfortable) to drill down to a level of real meaning and the core of the issue. Getting to the core is just the first step with Raylen. She then moves to asking what is in your way, what can you let go of, and how can you incorporate positive steps into your life to move towards your goals.


Through the healing process, I developed two mantras that were very meaningful to me. Going backwards to childhood issues, of course. I say these mantras daily with my hand over my heart.


Raylen is very present during the session and without taking notes, remembers everything. The next day, count on receiving an email that provides a great summary of your time together, but more importantly, reminds you of your action plan."

"Who am I now?"

When was the last time you asked yourself this question?… this is an invitation to  p a u s e  ... notice... and BE...

In each session (remote or in-person), you will have an opportunity to cultivate the sacred pause… turn in, tune in, and listen

My role is to meet you right where you are… here… now… and support the organic unfolding and blossoming of your own unique process yet stay out of the way. I offer a holistic and collaborative approach grounded in Trust, gentle awareness, and intention to facilitate transformational change. Together, we (co)create a welcoming and nourishing environment to invite all aspects of your whole BEing to show up and dis-cover how each serves as a guide towards re-membering your True Essence. This quality of attention allows you to experience the innate Intelligence within and live authentically from that place.

Exploring with me may resonate if you seek/aspire to...

- liberate patterns that no longer serve 

- nourish seeds of Potential and bring Life to your True Purpose

- create change starting from within and ripple out 

- cultivate compassion, loving-kindness, and respect towards yourSelf, others, and All that is

- Trust the natural Flow of Life 

- explore free will and create the map for your Soul Journey

- discern what Truth means for you and embody your Medicine


I feel grateful for the opportunity to offer the gifts of Presence and conscious touch through the John F. Barnes' Myofascial Approach®, Shamanic Energy Medicine, and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy. My work is informed by training in a variety of wisdom practices including samatha meditation, yoga, reiki, martial arts, Visionary Craniosacral Work® working with Nature, and more. In addition, I received my Bachelor of Arts in psychology through the University of Delaware. However, much of what I have learned comes from my own personal daily Sadhana (spiritual practice) and being in relationship with mySelf and others.


I am committed to serving as an embodiment of Love and facilitator for authentic healing. It is an honor to explore infinite possibilities and BE with you along this sacred journey.

When I’m not at “work”, I enjoy seeing the Beauty and Magic in simple moment to moment experiences such as coddiwompling in Nature and snuggling with my partner and our precious fur babies Halo and Meatball.

“Every moment in which you are present, opens the possibility of presence in those around you.” ~ Ken McLeod

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