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Certified Yoga Instructor

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist

LifeForce Yoga Practitioner


Individual Yoga Sessions

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Curiosity is the key.  I believe that my first experience of “Yoga” happened before stepping on a mat. The word yoga itself means “Union” or “Connection”; and the felt sense of it may be described as a feeling of wholeness and oneness with what is.  You may have experienced this while feeling the warmth of the sun, being embraced in a loved one’s arms, savoring a nourishing meal, listening to birds sing, playing an instrument, exchanging a gentle smile... and so much more. With curiosity, the possibilities are endless.


My role is to meet you where you are, support the unfolding and blossoming of your own unique process towards health but stay out of the way.  I believe much of today’s suffering and dis-ease are related to feelings of disconnection. Together, we co-create a welcoming environment guided by your own embodied intention to allow all parts to be there, hold space to get to know them, and discover how each serves as a guide towards remembering connection and who you truly are. Each session ends with integration where you have an opportunity to reflect back on your experience of yoga, how it informs you in how you want to show up in life, and what action steps to take so that you re-member.


My main framework in working with individuals is Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy; and my educational and professional background includes a Bachelor’s in Psychology from the University of Delaware, 200 hour yoga teacher, Balanced Athlete, and Meditation teacher certifications through Empowered Yoga. In addition, I have completed Levels 1-4 Shambhala Meditation, Groovy Kids yoga teacher training, Foundations of Svaroopa Yoga, and am a certified LifeForce Yoga Practitioner. However, much of what I have learned comes from my own daily personal Sadhana practice and being in relationship with others.


My heartfelt work both as a practitioner and human being is holding space for awareness, presence, and connection to a deeper knowing, truth, and authenticity; and my heartfelt wish is for all to live from this place and share the gifts that we have support the health and well-being of our sacred world. I am fascinated in how we relate and connect to ourselves, others, life experiences, and the complexity of how we are all integrated and interdependent. I feel honored and grateful for the opportunity to explore endless possibilities with you.


When I’m not at “work”, I find it important to make time to play! I have learned to see life’s challenges as an opportunity to be creative, specifically with movement. I love all forms of movement... running, dancing, climbing, martial arts, boxing, surfing... but my passion is Yoga and how the practice integrates in life. I also enjoy spending time with my loving boyfriend and sweet pup, Halo.


"We're all just walking each other home." - Ram Dass