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Time’s up on being guided solely by the mind.  I believe change truly happens when we work with all parts of ourselves.  We need to listen to the body, mind, and soul and then wounds you carry from long ago can be transformed.   I have a strong intuitive sense and this coupled with my intensive work both educationally and personally, brings individuals closer toward health from complicated childhood, ancestral, and shock trauma as well as what is keeping you in a stuck pattern today.  I offer a nurturing and accepting environment where you become more embodied and the true essence of who you are emerges as we co-creatively work together.



I am a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, but my work is integrative and draws from many modalities including Somatic Experiencing (SE), Touch Skills Training for Trauma Therapists with Kathy Kain, Master Classes in SE with Peter Levine, Prenatal and Birth Therapy training with Ray Castellino, Ancestral work, Bodynamics, and spiritual studies in Vedanta.  



In my free time, you will find me with my partner of 30 plus years.  Together we get on our yoga mats locally and internationally.  I’ve practiced yoga for over 25 years and find that it supports how I show up with clients and how I inhabit my body.  I have traveled to yoga retreats in Morocco, the Sahara, Panama, Cuba, Iceland, Greece, and the Dominican Republic.  I love to travel not only with my mat but also to just explore various cultures.  I have not only been to many European countries, Latin America, Canada, Island Nations, but also to Vietnam and Thailand.  I hold a deep respect and believe we can all learn from a world of differences.   I am a mother of 3 grown independent children, one of which is adopted Internationally, and a grandmother of two very special boys.  I can also be found enjoying the companionship of my Mini American Shepherd, Gracie, and my Bengal cat, Ferris.